The First    R.SORIANO






4 Opposed Cylinders, 4 Stroke, Fed by a Supercharger


Bore :  55.5mm

Stroke :  68mm

Displacement : 658cc

Power : 65hp

Revolutions : 600 to 6000 rpm


Crankcase / Cylinders : Aluminium, Steel Sleves

Pistons : Special Aluminium Aloy

Crankshaft : Hardened nitrated steel on 3 journals

Crankcase : Aluminium , entirely grooved

Supercharger : "Soriano" , 2 blades spinning @ 1.75 times engine RPM

Valves : Overhead, directly actuated by cam shafts

Oil Pump : Lubrication under pressure

Ignition : Battery

"Carburetor : Solex "Special"

Cooling : Water cooled

Transmission : Big diameter sfaft, lightened and drilled, mounted entirely on ball bearings

Lower Unit : Dual counter rotating propellers (Patented)

Gas Tank : With purging system

Price : 29'000 francs (January 1st 1931)

Special Conditions: 10 to 30 % down payment to the members of the Bayonne Canot-Club



In order to be allowed to participate in the standard class, it is possible to remove the supercharger, and change the overhead cam shafts.

4 cylinder Soriano 1929-30









Soriano Nr. 511 as discovered, with original gas tank.


Internals of the 4 cylinder Soriano... Nr 515


This early 4 cylinder Soriano was raced by Swedish racer
Eric Pehrson.
Early 4 cylinder with 4 nuts on Cylinder Head covers, and
not full casted eshaust. (held together by bolts)