Canot club de Paris, 1932. This is where it all started. Members of the Paris canot club exclusively ran Sorianos. There are five 4 cylinder Sorianos, and five 6 cylinder Sorianos. Jean Dupuy is in the far left sitting in his excelsior boat.

This Hull was made out of aluminium by Bonnemaison 1931, displayed with a new 6 cylinder single cam "R.Soriano" outboard. Initially raced by Ricardo Soriano himself later a few where added to the Jean Dupuy team. All hulls where apparently melted for the war effort.

Bonnemaison hull at speed with an original 1931 6 cylinder "R.Soriano" Taken between 1931 and 1933. Driven by Marquis Gonzalo de la Gandara for the French team.
Idroscalo di Milano, January 1936. CARLO FORNI with a Wagner hull during a new Class X speed record of 87.13 kmh (54.14 mph)
Count Carlo Casalini with an early 6 cylinder SOHC Soriano.
With the help of Casalini a replica of the I-X-6 was built in the 70's.
Raymond Sommer trying out his rig before a race in Paris, 1935. Note the Dual Cam Dupuy-Soriano motor.
Jean Dupuy's boat just prior to be launched for a race in Palm Beach at Lake Worth in 1934.
The entire Jean Dupuy Team's boats. Monaco 1937
Auguste Gerbaud during the 1951 Italian championship on Lake Lugano. Wood hull by Portier (ex-Schiller). Engine is a Dual Cam Dupuy Soriano.
Auguste Gerbaud at speed. Lake Lugano.
Auguste Gerbaud's Class X Portier hull today. Undergoing restoration, it will be outfited with an early 6 cylinder single cam Soriano. It was sold to Gerbaud by Paul Schiller
Paul Schiller during a European Class X race. Hull built by Portier.
Paul Schiller at speed on lake Lugano at Campione Italy. 1951 or 1953.
Paul Schiller and his mechanic during the 1954 Torino (Italy) race. The race consisted of 3 races during one week-end. Schiller battled with Romani for the title, and was the winner of the Class X championship that year
Schiller's block of Power. This engine propelled Schiller's Portier boat, 89X at an average speed of 49.55 mph on the 10 mile Torino race course. Top speed was 53.64 mph on lap 7. Schiller won that race.
Renzo Romani at speed with his Timossi hull
Renzo Romani's boat today. It won several European and Italian races in the 50's with Augusto Romani at the helm.

Last known photo taken in Miami (ca. 1970) of Romani’s Timossi boat Nr. 1 in its complete original state, before it was canibalized (below) in Ohio, USA.

See Soriano’s today for more info on this set up.




Robert Richter's Class X Portier Race Boat. Used during the mid to late 50's during the european races.

Taroni Hull raced by Gerbaud and later Mercier of FRANCE